Benefits and Advantages of Custom Garden Sheds

There are many reasons to choose a custom garden shed. There are many different colours to choose from and many different styles and options. You can choose from vinyl or Duratemp siding or any combination of these. Regardless of your needs, there are many options available. With so many different styles and options available, creating a custom garden shed that meets your exact specifications can be easy. The options are limitless, and the best part is that they can be designed to fit any budget.

AHI custom sheds AdelaideLP siding resists rot longer.

If you’re considering adding siding to your new garden shed, you should consider LP SmartSide. This material is more durable than other siding options, such as wood. Unlike cheaper alternatives, LP siding has an advanced rot and insect resistance formula and is made of a water-resistant overlay. It can withstand extreme temperatures and even 1.75 inches of hail. It means that your custom garden shed will be a long-lasting investment.

LP siding is pre-primed to resist rot longer on custom garden sheds. It is made of 3/8″ thick sheets with grooves cut every eight inches. It looks like board and batten when installed vertically and shiplap when installed horizontally. It is available in white, grey, red, black, and brown and requires little maintenance. LP SmartSide is an attractive option for custom garden sheds and is the ideal siding choice for outdoor storage buildings.

Rust-resistant screws

For outdoor projects, it is wise to use rust-resistant screws. The most common problem with cheap screws is that they can be easily blown away in a cyclone. Luckily, there are several reasons why using rust-resistant screws is a good idea. These screws are solid and durable and are a smart choice if you are working on a custom garden shed. Listed below are some of their benefits and advantages.

Choose rust-resistant screws or nails. Screws are great for AHI custom sheds Adelaide, but they use galvanized nails to avoid rusting. Stainless steel nails can be a good choice for reducing wood rust. They come in several different grades, with higher grades recommended for outdoor projects. In addition, stainless steel nails are ideal for framing and construction jobs.

Lean-to design

The basic idea of a lean-to design for garden sheds is to create a space that is not directly attached to an adjacent structure, such as a deck or a house. A lean-to shed can be built as a standalone structure or attached to a structure with a high wall, but you should ensure that the height of the adjacent structure is lower than that of the lean-to. Then, using a circular saw, cut the rafters to fit snugly in place. Ensure that each rafter is evenly spaced and that the upper and lower wall slope is even and consistent.


Having built-ins in AHI custom sheds Adelaide is a great way to maximize storage space and add a nice finishing touch to the exterior. These storage solutions are ideal for various tasks, from storing tools and supplies to growing and propagating plants. They also provide a relaxing retreat from the bustling world outside. You can even set up a small garden inside these storage structures.


If you’re considering building a custom garden shed, you’ll want to determine the size that will fit your needs. Unfortunately, sizes are not exact, and a 10×12 shed may have an interior footprint of 9′-2″ by 11′-10″. That is because outside dimensions are measured from the tip to the edge of the building. In addition to tip-to-tip measurements, the width and height of exterior walls vary based on the material and siding used for the structure.

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