Tips in Designing Modern Kitchens

There are many things to consider when designing a modern kitchen. From colour scheme to open shelving, you can find the perfect design for your needs and budget. You should also consider features such as Tray ceilings and appliances. If you’re planning to remodel your entire kitchen, here are some tips for designing a modern kitchen:

Colour scheme

Modern Kitchens AdelaideWhen choosing a colour scheme for your Modern Kitchens Adelaide, the more complementary the colours are, the better. In addition, a colour scheme should be versatile, livable, and packed with personality. Designer-approved colour schemes are a sure-fire bet. For example, designer Tania Casill incorporated a dark colour scheme with a light grey wall to create a remarkable space that frees up space for the kitchen island and lower cabinets.

Grey-green kitchens are popular with their grey-green hues. These shades were popular in the 1970s, but the year’s colour scheme is blatantly bold. Instead, a new, more restrained colour palette is in fashion for 2022: grey-green shades. Grey shades are now also available in brown-grey and taupe. In addition to grey shades, other colours include yellow and white accents.

If you’re in the market for a modern and fresh kitchen, you can go bold with a bold-coloured backsplash or window treatment. A strategic pop of paint colour can add a modern touch. Benjamin Moore lime green backsplash is an example of an accent that works well in a modern kitchen. It matches the interior of the cabinets. Consider incorporating a bold-coloured backsplash to make your kitchen appear even more modern.

Natural wood cabinets are another popular choice for a colour scheme for modern kitchens. Natural wood is not a specific colour, but a soft tone in this colour palette can make them look more attractive. For example, sky blue cabinets and white walls help to create a soft and welcoming ambience. In addition, natural colours such as teal and ice are perfect for any kitchen. And since they blend well together, they can even enhance the colours of white and other materials used throughout the home.

Tray ceilings

If you are looking for kitchen design ideas, you might consider installing a tray ceiling. This style of ceiling is not only visually appealing, but it can also improve the acoustics of a room. However, if you don’t mind installing a drywall ceiling, you should opt for a dropdown design. This design can be easily installed and does not disturb the structure or trusses of the house.

Another way to use this ceiling style is to add colour to it. A vibrantly coloured kitchen will give you the energy to create new recipes. You can even use coloured tray ceilings. Wooden tray ceilings add warmth and visual interest to any room. The interior of this modern kitchen was designed by studio MHK Architecture & Planning. You can choose a neutral-coloured tray ceiling to draw attention to other room details.

You can also add cove lighting to the ceiling to accent the tray ceiling. Cove lighting is an indirect type of lighting that is built into recesses or ledges. These fixtures provide an architectural feel that is both elegant and calming. This type of ceiling also allows you to add chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling murals. Ceiling murals depict stars or clouds. Again, you can choose any scene that fits your budget and tastes.

Open shelving

Open shelves are a great option to add additional storage to your kitchen. They can run the length of a wall or be positioned at an angle to make the most of a corner. Open shelves are also a great way to hide less attractive kitchen gadgets and appliances. If you plan to use open shelves as a focal point, stick to a neutral colour palette with greenery and different textures. Then, add some attractive accessories to give the space a unique look.

Open shelving provides an easy way to display your favourite collections. They can be paired with colourful items or accessories. You can also place them in different patterns and heights to create visual interest. Remember that the overall colour scheme should be consistent throughout the room to avoid making the space look too busy. Also, try using open shelves in asymmetrical patterns for an extra unique look. Finally, incorporating open shelves into your modern kitchen is a great way to maximize storage space.

Open shelves can be made of wood or glass. Glass is ideal, but it can be tricky to keep clean. If you have a glass wall in your kitchen, consider using glass. It will give the area a modern look. Decorative shelves can also be added over the door, above the window, or the kitchen hood. You can even hang shelves from the ceiling. And if you have an awkward corner, consider installing open shelves over the door or above a window. Open shelves can also be used to store other decorative items.


In modern kitchens, smooth glass surfaces on the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are joint. The traditional design of the backsplash is also eliminated to give way to sleek and contemporary pieces. You can even opt for stainless steel or wood-stained cabinets for a sleek look. Make sure to choose the correct colour and material for your backsplash. In addition, keep in mind that the kitchen should have minimal clutter. Moreover, the choice of the countertop and the kitchen floor is equally essential to provide the right ambience.

Modern kitchens are also clean and minimalist, with minimal clutter and a functional design. Closed storage keeps things out of the way and minimizes clutter. The use of inset cabinets eliminates the bulky appearance of traditional cabinet doors. Closed shelving creates a modern aesthetic while maximizing counter space. Modern kitchens feature minimal colours and are free of clutter. The cabinets have a smooth surface and minimal hardware and hinges.

When designing a modern kitchen, consider all the space elements. Consider the kitchen’s overall look, including countertops, storage and appliances. Also, keep in mind the needs of everyone who uses the kitchen. Modern kitchens should balance aesthetics with functionality. To achieve this, ensure your layout is easy to clean and maintain. You should be able to accommodate everyone who uses the space. Besides, the layout of your kitchen should be functional as well.


Contemporary kitchen designs emphasize clean, minimalist lines. Gone are the days of ornate cabinetry with intricate details. Instead, cabinets are smooth and seamless. Though white is the traditional colour for a contemporary kitchen, the choice of colour is virtually unlimited. Hardware is also largely missing, as it may compete with the clean design. But, if you must have the hardware, it will probably be made of metal and industrial style.

Modern kitchens use minimalist cabinetry to complement this style, and shaker and slab styles add character to minimalist designs. Inset cabinets are suitable for traditional kitchens. Modern kitchens generally use minimalist hardware, such as sleek faucets and simple handles. But, if you have a traditional kitchen, you may prefer more ornately-designed cabinetry. A modern kitchen will be less than one hundred square feet.

Contemporary kitchens feature modular cabinetry. Modular pieces can be stacked together and arranged in a line. Integrated appliances, such as stoves and dishwashers, are built into the cabinetry to save space. Incorporated cooktop burners, such as gas and electric, are also built into the cabinetry. You can also choose niche appliances built into the cabinetry, like toasters and coffee makers.


Incorporate attractive lighting to emphasize the features of a modern kitchen design. Not only do attractive lighting fixtures add to the overall aesthetic, they also serve as functional lighting. For example, pendant lighting provides direct lighting to the island and other elements in the kitchen, while under cabinet lighting shines directly on countertops beneath the cabinets. In addition, a well-planned lighting scheme will make navigating a modern kitchen easier. The following are some tips for lighting the kitchen. Read on for more tips!

A contemporary kitchen is open, airy, and free of clutter. It is typically fitted with sleek glass-front stove tops, stainless steel refrigerators, and dishwashers. Its minimalist design makes it easy to keep countertops free of clutter. Cabinets should be flush with the walls, eliminating the bulky look of traditional cabinet doors. Closed shelving and appliances can also create a more minimalist look while freeing up counter space.

To create a modern kitchen, choose functional and ergonomic furniture. For example, a sleek marble countertop contrasts nicely with wood-stained cabinetry. The material for kitchen surfaces should be durable and not prone to wetness or build-up of germs. Silicone chippers can be used to wipe real estate surfaces and keep kitchen counters free of dirt. And to avoid the appearance of cluttered space, consider installing handleless floor-to-ceiling units.

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